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Blog posting is often disregarded & thought of as a low-priority thing to have on a website. Yet here you are, on this blog page, just as your clients will have a reason to hang out a little bit longer on your own page. You have a lot of thoughtful information that they want to learn more about and this is the perfect spot to do it! Read more about blog posting here!

The New Marketing Requirement: Social Media

Owning a business without ACTIVE social media is no longer an option… it is a standard. We understand that it is frustrating when algorithms change, when you don’t feel like you’re getting the visibility & recognition you should, or it seems cumbersome to maintain. The platforms are regularly dangling the carrot and making you work

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Email Is Not As Dead As You Think

Where email marketing was the only digital avenue to reach consumers 25 years ago, our ‘at your fingertips’ world has given a plethora of new options for consumers to do research. This has led a lot to believe that email marketing is a thing of the past. But not so fast… according to Adobe’s 2nd

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Patience For Profitability With Content Marketing

“Give it more time.” “We need to wait it out.” “You may not see results that directly correlate to sales immediately.” These are all phrases that business owners dread hearing… or may never hear depending on whom they partner with professionally. But the magic of content marketing comes from the long, slow burn of consistency.

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Increasing Your Email Campaign Deliverability

In spite of the many digital marketing tactics available today, email is still the #1 way to connect with your potential customers online. However, it’s not as simple as signing up for Mail Chimp and sending a lot of messages to a lot of people. If that is your strategy, call 911!! (because you have

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Social Media Posting – How Often Should You Do It?

There’s only one thing more important than making a great first impression and that is… (wait for it…) making a great second impression. Here’s why. Determining a social media posting strategy for a smaller, younger business is different than the game-plan for a larger, more mature enterprise. A smaller business is much more sensitive to

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Getting Potential Customers to Recognize You

Starting a small business is hard. Running it is harder. All you need to start a small business is excitement and some effort. To keep your business going you need strategy, tactics, execution and actual results. There are actual ingredients needed to bake a cake. There are also specific ingredients needed to run your business.

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How to Grab Decision Maker Attention With Relevant Content

You want to build relationships with potential customers. You REALLY want to connect with their top folks. But… they’re busy. (I’ll pause while you express shock and surprise…) So how do you connect with them? How do you get their attention and create even a shred of hope it will lead to a relationship? This

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Startups Can Make Lead Generation Easy

Marketing isn’t just for breakfast anymore. It’s weird now. People say they want marketing. But what they really want is sales. Even when marketing does exactly what it is supposed to do, nobody cares unless a sale is made. And that’s how it should be. At So-Mark, we do marketing for small businesses and non-profits.

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How To Combat Misunderstood Aspects Of Email Marketing

There’s more to email than meets the eye. It’s not just a channel for communication anymore. Since we now have social sites and instant messaging for quick interactions, email is morphing into a database and repository for important information. How many times have you wanted a piece of information and then searched through your emails

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8 Ways to Disrupt Your Competitors’ Sales Funnels

How do you decide on what content to share? Know thy competition… How can you differentiate yourself if you don’t know who you’re compared to? This is just one of the interesting points made in this article from The worlds of sales and marketing are converging. This article will show you how social media,

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It’s Time: Growth Hacking Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing by itself is a powerful idea. But, you don’t care about good ideas. You care about growth. Your business needs revenue. At So-Mark, we don’t just focus on implementing good ideas and executing marketing campaigns, we focus on your mission and success. We look for ways to turn good ideas into revenue growth

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Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing in 5 Not-So-Obvious Ways

Marketing isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Small businesses don’t just want to build their brand and reputation. You want to make sales. Advertising and getting your message out are great things to do. But, you need revenue. This week’s article from Content Marketing Institute is all about using marketing to drive sales. Check out these

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