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Blog posting is often disregarded & thought of as a low-priority thing to have on a website. Yet here you are, on this blog page, just as your clients will have a reason to hang out a little bit longer on your own page. You have a lot of thoughtful information that they want to learn more about and this is the perfect spot to do it! Read more about blog posting here!

Facebook Is Eating Up The World

Are you paying attention to the cataclysmic change happening at your fingertips? Have you noticed that the bulk of your news and information about the world no longer comes from a TV across the room? It’s coming from a small box in your hand. It mostly resides about 20” from your eyeballs. You think you’re

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The Biggest Email Marketing Mistake People Make

Ok, confession time. I really like this article. I will be the first to admit we need to do this better. We have built our brand on curating content that we genuinely believe has value for small businesses. And, we do a pretty good job of trying to share good stuff without the constant sales

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Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to Prospect

Great article on the Social Media Examiner blog. Sometimes you just need some nuts and bolts instructions on how to get results. This article nails that. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the Social Media Examiner blog. It is an industry leading resource we use at So-Mark almost every day to stay on

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How Not To Design Your Emails

I’m beginning to believe there are no real authorities on this subject. There are some guidelines, best practices and good ideas. There are also articles from industry leaders telling you it’s OK to break all the rules. (Really more like suggestions) So I looked for an article I thought was pretty close to how we

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How To Find Your Audience on Social Media

A friend once told me how to manage my money. He said, “Step one… get some money.” I think we can say something similar when trying to use social media for marketing. Step one… know your audience. Who are you trying to connect with? Who will care about your content? Once you clarify your buyer

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How to Maximize Results from the Most Effective B2B Content Marketing Tactic

Orig Post | Re-Post So-Mark Consulting 1/21/16 When I brief clients and prospects on content marketing, I like to end the presentation with a quote from Trish Bertuzzi, Founder of The Bridge Group. She said, “It’s the cold that’s dead, not the calling.” Question: What’s the number one content marketing strategy for B2B marketers? Answer:

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Is Your Business Social Enough? 4 Ways to Boost Engagement

Orig article | Re-Post So-Mark Consulting 1/13/2015 –  This is a great article to read before kicking off your 2016 Social Media Efforts. There are two main questions you need to answer. 1. What should we do? 2. How should we do it? You know you should be on social media. You kinda know

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Research Shows The More Frequently You Blog, The More Website Traffic You Generate

Orig Post | Re-Post So-Mark 1/7/2015 –  John’s article from lays out one of the key secrets to effective content marketing. Many people underestimate the need for and power of regular blogging. Some resist it because it is time consuming and requires a good deal of thought and work. Others just don’t understand that

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How To Leverage Online Tools To Build Offline Relationships

Orig Post | Re-Post So-Mark Consulting 12/17/2015 At Mavenlink, we use HubSpot for everything! Drip campaigns, social media, landing pages, and more. Mavenlink is an enterprise project-management-software provider, who recently started using email to promote events we visit. The first event we promoted was Technology Services Industry Association (Technology Services World) in Las Vegas

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The Secret Method to Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Orig Post | Re-Post So-Mark Consulting 12/11/2015 Every month, WordPress users publish over 56 million blog posts on the platform. Many millions of these are from content marketers trying to capture traffic on search engines and get noticed on social media. Throw in all the other CMS systems out there and you’re looking at

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Content is Queen

Content Is Queen – Real Power

So What’s So Great About the Queen? Online marketers are fond of saying “Content is king”. Here at So-Mark, though, we know content is the queen who has the power to make or break any company’s efforts to market its products and services online. The way we see it, you have only to look to

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