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Orig Post | Re-Post So-Mark 2/25/2016

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Are you looking for more business? Wondering how social media can shorten the sales process?

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook make it easy to develop relationships with potential customers before you ask for a meeting. In this article you’ll discover how to connect with prospects on social media.

#1: Research Your Prospects

Researching prospects is critical to the sales process. As a salesperson, you want to know everything you can about your prospects and the companies they work for.

You’ll want to follow the news announced on their website, find out if they’ve hired someone special, look into whether they’ve raised money, and research how their stock is doing (if they’re a public company).

How do you guide your sales team to do this? Here are three social networks to start with.


Find prospects and their companies on Twitter and see what type of content they’re posting to their accounts. Do they answer each tweet? Are they tweeting multiple times a day? This type of data lets you get a glimpse into the person and company you want to do business with.

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Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to Prospect

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