Content Curation

What is content curation?

Content curation is the practice of researching and finding relevant and meaningful content that can be shared with your target audience. It is a key part of your Content Marketing strategy. Because there is so much information that is available online in today’s market, curation helps you to connect to your audience by providing a place where your audience can go to get current, relevant, and educational information. By being a trusted source of great content, it will help support and build your brand.

How does someone always come up with new ideas?

Content curation also helps in that you do not have to always be the one creating content. Content creation can be resource-intensive so curating good content is a good counterbalance. Plus, readers will appreciate that you are using other sources. This adds credibility to your brand as it shows you are in touch with what is happening today which in turn helps to grow your reputation as a thought leader in your space.

How do you make a curation strategy?

Developing a curation strategy starts with understanding your target audience.

Here are some questions to help with this process.

  1. What types of information does your target audience look for?
  2. What is their need? Is it information, being entertained, or being inspired?
  3. What content does your target audience share on their social feeds?
  4. Do they want information that they can use for comparisons, are they looking for reviews, or are they looking for new market trends?
A good way to help determine is to poll your audience. Find out what is important and start to lean your curation process towards what they are looking for. A great place to start is your current customer base if you have one established already.

Some results of a good content curation strategy are:

  • Content curation helps grow your reputation as a thought leader in your marketing space helping to grow your brand
  • Curation will help with your lead nurturing process
  • Content curation will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content curation will help your organization with new content ideas
  • Content curation provides a variety for your audience
  • Content curation will drive your target audience to you as a source for the information they seek

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