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Industry Resource Information

Blog posting is often disregarded & thought of as a low-priority thing to have on a website. Yet here you are, on this blog page, just as your clients will have a reason to hang out a little bit longer on your own page. You have a lot of thoughtful information that they want to learn more about and this is the perfect spot to do it! Read more about blog posting here!

Need Email Marketing Ideas?

Reposted originally from Hubspot. How do you think of what to put in your emails? It isn’t easy, is it? After a while, the same old content we depend on feels, well, old. Though it’s still converting fairly well, you know that you can’t be a one trick pony if you want to grow your email channel into

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The Convergence of Sales & Marketing

There are a lot of salespeople in the world who haven’t yet realized they are also marketers. And there are a lot of marketing people in the world who still think they play a role wholly separated from sales within their organization. The world is changing faster than our mindsets. Sales and marketing are converging.

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Social Sales & Marketing – The Three Pronged Attack

If you are a business owner, marketing executive or salesperson, you may be overwhelmed by the number of new technologies available for your sales and marketing strategy. You should know you are not alone. The sheer number of techniques is daunting, but the thought of learning how to use them can push you right over

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Organizational NLP

If social selling is going to happen, how are we going to drive new business from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Many people are wondering if these relatively new social tools are really worth the investment. If you invest the time and effort to build your profile, push messages out to the cyber world, and listen

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Welcome to the So-Mark Consulting Blog

Welcome and thank you for visiting this website.  So-Mark Consulting is a specialized firm focused on helping organizations implement, customize and learn how to effectively use  The service we offer is unique in that it is based on many years of selling experience in large corporations.  There are many consultants that can help you

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Tap Tap Tap

Imagine you are a salesperson who wakes up in the morning to check your smartphone for updates to your Salesforce dashboard tracking your deals and activities. You decide quickly which projects need your attention. You tap on your calendar to view your calls and appointments. You see one meeting that can help you get to

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