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How do you think of what to put in your emails? It isn’t easy, is it? After a while, the same old content we depend on feels, well, old. Though it’s still converting fairly well, you know that you can’t be a one trick pony if you want to grow your email channel into a real asset for your company. But if you’ve been pulling ideas and links from the same places for a while, it’s hard to think new content sources.

Lucky for you, the best places for you to look are often right under your nose. You don’t need to go far to find content to put in your emails or ideas on how to position you next email send — you just need to know where to look. To point you in the right direction, we put together the following post. 

But before we begin, you need to remember one thing: Keep your email marketing goals in mind when sourcing content. If you are trying to generate leads through your email marketing, for example, you will probably want to use content that’s gated by a form. If you are trying to nurture leads into customers, you will probably want to look for product-centric content like reviews and testimonials. If you are trying to spread some customer delight, you probably don’t need to worry about linking to gated content. Don’t just use a certain type of content because you want to try something new — you’ve got to use it to address your larger goals. 

Now onto the good stuff. Here are 17 great places to source your content for email marketing.   Read more…

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