Ok, confession time. I really like this article. I will be the first to admit we need to do this better. We have built our brand on curating content that we genuinely believe has value for small businesses. And, we do a pretty good job of trying to share good stuff without the constant sales pitch. However, we still need to improve our efforts on building relationships with the people who have shown interest in our business. This means YOU! If you’re reading this, well… How you doin? What I mean is, our goal is to keep improving our engagement via the blog, email and social media. So far, we are still focused on posting rather than engaging. We are working on acting more like a community member instead of just a publisher of content. Baby steps… baby steps.

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Email marketing is one of the most abundant methods of generating sales online. The biggest advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to get repeat business. Yes, you can spend a thousand dollars on pay per click or some other form of advertising and double your money in the process. But why take the hard route when you can build a base of LOYAL customers through email marketing?

If you launch a new product or want to recommend a new service, you simply have to write an email and hit “send”. It’s almost like having your own money printing machine. However, despite the fact that email marketing can be such an immensely lucrative marketing strategy, many people fail miserably at it and actually lose subscribers.

The reason – they commit the fatal mistake of not endeavouring to build a real relationship with their clients. Instead, they just promote, promote and promote. If you want people to buy from or through you, you have to come across as likeable and trustworthy. If you’re not being relatable, you are essentially like that telemarketer who is calling people from halfway around the globe and trying to pitch them some lame service.

How do you personally respond to such telemarketers? My guess is – you get irritated and slam the phone down. You might even be rude if you’re having an exceptionally hard day. Well, that is exactly the reaction that you draw out of people when you keep badgering them to make a purchase.

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The Biggest Email Marketing Mistake People Make

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