There’s more to email than meets the eye. It’s not just a channel for communication anymore. Since we now have social sites and instant messaging for quick interactions, email is morphing into a database and repository for important information. How many times have you wanted a piece of information and then searched through your emails to find it? In spite of this, consumers still say they prefer to communicate with brands most via email. So, what’s the deal with email? Check out this article from to find out!

Jim Anthony – So-Mark Founder

Source: | Re-Post So-Mark 8/2/2016

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Email is a long way from being dead. In fact, it’s growing at a healthy pace. The number of emails being sent—already at 205 billion per day in 2015—is expected to grow an average annual rate of 3 percent over the next three years. But its direct function has drastically changed from just a channel for communication. Messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp have taken over quick, one-off communications, as they offer ease-of-use and convenience. Email, on the other hand, has become a database of information ranging from transaction confirmations to promotional offers.

Companies should take heed, especially when it’s clear that many consumers (58 percent) would rather engage with brands over email than any other platform. They need to address the issues causing marketers to struggle to keep pace with the changes—like new mobile technology and email platforms—that are being instigated by email’s new role.

For one, despite monikers like “newsletter” email is not print. Email is being consumed in a variety of ways on different devices and can’t be treated as something that will work across all demographics when generated in mass. Further, as a marketer, you can’t spoon feed your brand to consumers. Put simply, that’s that fast track to ending in consumers spam folder. Consumers are your brand, so make sure you educate them with relevant resources and make them advocates. So how do you do this?

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