Starting a small business is hard. Running it is harder. All you need to start a small business is excitement and some effort. To keep your business going you need strategy, tactics, execution and actual results. There are actual ingredients needed to bake a cake. There are also specific ingredients needed to run your business. The same goes for marketing. Of all the things you could be doing to market your business, some are foundational. Some are optional. Do you know which is which? This article from ‘Customer Think’ is a great recipe for small business marketing. Check it out…

Jim Anthony – So-Mark Founder

Source: | Re-post So-Mark 9/14/16

Are your marketing efforts falling on deaf ears? If it feels like you spend tons of time and money on promoting your business but have little to show for it, you’re not alone. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s easy for even highly innovative companies to get lost in the shuffle.

Successful marketing is all about trying things, measuring results and then optimizing your efforts accordingly. Without tracking the effectiveness of various techniques, there is no way to tell what works, and you can end up sticking with strategies that are getting you nowhere—and missing out on ones that really work.

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Getting Potential Customers to Recognize You

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