Marketing isn’t just for breakfast anymore. It’s weird now. People say they want marketing. But what they really want is sales. Even when marketing does exactly what it is supposed to do, nobody cares unless a sale is made. And that’s how it should be. At So-Mark, we do marketing for small businesses and non-profits. But we don’t just focus on building your brand and reputation, or getting your message out. We focus on making sure all of that effort and activity generates actionable data that identifies your warmest prospects so you can go make a sale. Largely due to the internet and mobile tech, marketing and sales are converging. This article in Forbes does a good job of explaining how and why that is. If you are a small business owner I think you’ll find this to be a good read.

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When it comes to leveraging the latest digital marketing practices, owners of small and midsized businesses often feel left behind. They are inherently lacking the budgets to adapt new technologies & tactics to herald their way to the digital excellence kingdom.

Really, how can one create a solid customer base (or even attract leads), having to compete with dozens of local players and huge corporations? Sounds unachievable, doesn’t it? What if someone told you that it is actually a piece of cake? You might as well think that person knows nothing about problems and obstacles that small companies face in the U.S. market.

I have caught up with Sergey Grybniak, a recognized pro in development and marketing solutions for complicated projects, primarily marketplaces. He started his career as a freelancer to become owner of a digital marketing agency for small and midsized businesses. Later, he found

Sergey claims that driving traffic, attracting leads, raising brand awareness and improving conversions have never been easier even if you are a small business. Let’s find out more what he thinks about it.

Sergey, you seem pretty sure that small and midsized businesses have entered the golden era of opportunity. Can you elaborate more on that?

I am adamant about the fact that small and midsized companies have been enjoying preferential terms since the 90’s. Advances in internet technologies and the mobile industry have made it so much easier to jumpstart your company from an unknown, local player to a global business. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to solve lots of problems and put in the hard work, but nonetheless opportunities are abundant.

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