“Give it more time.” “We need to wait it out.” “You may not see results that directly correlate to sales immediately.” These are all phrases that business owners dread hearing… or may never hear depending on whom they partner with professionally. But the magic of content marketing comes from the long, slow burn of consistency. Creating a presence; becoming a reference for people to recognize when a need arises. The jazzy jingles of the 20th century and the logos of the new millennia have their place in our memory banks. But so do the companies that provide products and services that we recall when a friend or colleague starts inquiries with, ‘Do you know someone who…’.  Chances are you do, thanks to content marketing.  

There are different marketing avenues to travel down when you are looking for immediate numbers and return. But what is the long term marketing layer you provide to consistently touch new, future, potential customers? How are you building your brand without buying media and ad space? Content Marketing should be your answer. In this article, The Argus Leader explores recent data from a Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute collaboration study. It shows that patience actually IS profitable for businesses.

Jim Anthony – So-Mark Founder

Source: argusleader.com | Re-post 10/6/16

There’s no denying – content marketing is here to stay.

A recent survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs generated 5,000-plus responses from marketers in 25 industries in 109 countries. Of these respondents, 48 percent said they have a content marketing strategy.These marketers know their audience and what will get them to read online content – blogs, web pages, social messages, etc., all optimized for search engines using key words that trigger the search.

Active content speaks for itself. It’s new stuff – recently added, changed, fresh. And why is this so important to the success of your business? If you keep your audience coming back to your website for more educational and inspiring content, they can learn more about you and what you offer.

Active website content is critical to your business because:

•It helps drive traffic to your website. Every time you post something new, it’s one more cue to search engines like Google that your site is active. In addition, the share option grows your audience and traffic, too.

Fact: 40 percent of U.S. companies use blogs for marketing; companies that blog have 55 percent more website visitors.

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Patience For Profitability With Content Marketing
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