Use Jargon for Good In Your Content And Marketing

Creating a broad content marketing plan is key to touching all potential customers to grow your business. Often, organizations focus on one sole aspect of what they can offer to a person, group, or within an industry and the messaging can be very broad. One way to show off your offerings to specific groups of future clients is to get specific with the audience you are trying to target. You can do that by speaking their language – literally.

You may have learned a long time ago that jargon can turn people off to your communication, especially if it goes deeper than their knowledge of a subject. Marketing Profs shows us that’s not the case when it comes to content marketing. Organizations are sending multiple messages a day and that gives them the opportunity to speak to all levels of their target audiences. Using jargon, or industry specific terminology just may be the key to getting potential clients to hear you better amongst all of the communications they are deciphering daily.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: | Re-Post So-Mark 2/16/2017 – 


In content marketing and in journalism, the word jargon has come to be used mostly as an insult. It’s a label that people put on unfamiliar language they dismiss as gibberish.

Jargon has another meaning, though, and it doesn’t have an inherently negative connotation: the specialized vocabulary or language that a profession or group uses. Often riddled with industry-specific acronyms and colloquialisms, industry jargon is difficult for outsiders to understand.

Content marketers contemplating whether to use that sort of jargon need to note whether their target audience is general and broad, or specialized and narrow.

If you’re targeting a general audience (say, you’re writing a beer commercial), you should comply with conventional wisdom and avoid jargon. But if you’re writing or speaking to a highly specialized group, as content developers are increasingly doing, you should consider embracing jargon.

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