Tips and Advise For Nonprofits On Social Media

Starting a social media campaign can be intimidating, especially for a young and evolving non-for-profit, but it doesn’t have to be! Social Media, or content marketing, should be a natural extension of any organization’s outreach programs. Think of your social media channels as another way to communicate, interact, and guide those whom you are trying to engage with and introduce to your cause. Creating that audience, organically, is much easier than you think! has created an easy to follow outline of the early through intermediate steps you can take to create your social marketing campaign. These are easily managed tasks you can do to create an audience, draw attention to your content, and draw in interest from related target audiences.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

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Social media may be free, fast and far-reaching, but it still takes time to master. No matter the network, begin like this:

Be a person.

If you can, dip your toes into a social networking site as a person first, then later establish an official presence for your nonprofit. Why? It’s difficult to jump into a social network and represent your nonprofit without knowing the lay of the land. What do people post? How do they interact? What’s the special etiquette for this network?

Need to establish your nonprofit’s presence right away? Try lurking first – i.e. follow, like or subscribe, and read, scan and watch.

Open the right kind of account.

Always check if there’s a business-type account on the social network. For example, Facebook has Facebook pages, YouTube has a Nonprofits on YouTube program, and Pinterest has Pinterest Business accounts. These accounts usually come with features nonprofits need, like analytics and apps.

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