Small Businesses Getting Their Fair Share

There will always be the Big Dogs in any industry. And while big budgets may still dominate the traditional marketing channels, the shift in how consumers are responding to businesses and digesting their information has made it more about strategy than money.

The investment today is in activity and engagement. Executing daily posts and leveraging best practices on social platforms is the winning play.

And while no one knows the exact Google algorithms to SEO rankings, high correlations have been made for social media use to improve site placement in search engine results. The budget and user-friendly social media offerings are changing the game for those trying to get their slice of the pie.

AdWeek gives us some insights into the modern day David vs. Goliath battle taking place on tablets and smartphones that are in your hands every day.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: | Re-Post So-Mark 6/22/2017 – 

Industries have evolved over the years, with midsized and high-growth businesses quickly being acquired or outpaced by their larger rivals. It’s left a David and Goliath landscape, with most businesses being on the smaller side.

Prior to the advent of the internet, larger businesses always had the upper hand when it came to marketing. They had bigger budgets and could afford the most coveted ads and support them with superior creatives generated by leading agencies while hiring the best internal talent.

Larger businesses also had the budgets to run radio and TV ads simultaneously across multiple networks, leaving most local businesses on the advertising sidelines. Their multichannel campaigns would blanket magazines, billboards, radio and television, leaving local businesses few options to build their brand awareness.

Marketing decisions for local small and midsized business came down to budget constraints, while their enormous competitors were spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on their campaigns.

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