Shift Your Marketing To A Revenue Generator

Why are small businesses increasingly relying on marketing for revenue and growth? Because buyers are avoiding salespeople! People want knowledge, information, and value. Educate and inform or be ignored! Your marketing should be a revenue generator, not just a cost center.

Check out this article from that share some ideas on how to turn your marketing efforts into a revenue generator.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: | Re-Post So-Mark 11/9/2017 – 

Marketing leadership guru Thomas Barta* states that ‘less than half of C-suite executives and business leaders believe their company’s marketing expenditure is significantly contributing to revenue or profitability.’ The majority still thinks of their marketing departments as cost centers.

Being seen as a cost center rather than a source of revenue can have serious consequences for a marketing team. Not only are departments that are not demonstrating a good return on investment rarely on the list to receive bigger budgets and resources, they are also more likely to face cuts when a business experiences difficult times.

“If you have no accountability or measurement against revenue and growth then you are most likely going to be viewed as a cost center. But if you aggressively pursue an agenda of accountability and transparency, you’ll be viewed as a trusted partner; and even if you don’t have a formal P&L, you’ll be seen as a revenue generator and owner,” says Christelle Fraysse, CMO at Workbooks.

Now is time for marketers to be held accountable for more than just awareness and leads. “It is time for all of us to step up and prove that marketing teams are a revenue and profit center!”

It is time for all Marketing Directors and CMOs to demonstrate the contribution of marketing to revenue and show how marketing can support and drive business growth. And it is time to shine a light on the value marketing delivers to the sales organization and the company as a whole.

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