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It’s not just for kids anymore. Social media is being used more and more by schools to reach out to current and potential students. It’s not just a tool to broadcast. It’s a channel to communicate, share and more importantly, to listen. This article from talks about successful school systems that are using social media not only to get their message out, but also to build a relationship with their kids and community. How is your social media strategy working for you?

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In the recent years, more and more education institutions are using social media as a marketing and communication tool, according to a study published by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education on Thursday.

Out of 1,198 institutions that responded to CASE’s study, 86 percent stated that social media is more important to them than it was three years ago. The top five social media channels that schools and universities use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, according to the report.

While social media is used as a way for schools to reach out to potential and current students, the report also found that many institutions paid Facebook to boost and promote their posts, which allow more flexibility when it comes to targeting the content to a particular group of people.

The report also suggested that schools should consider whether they should join new platforms to establish a presence, produce new content, build a following and be able to engage with them.

“One way in which the most successful institutions differ from less successful ones is that they’re engaged on more channels — and especially on emerging channels,” the CASE study stated.

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