What You Know About Email Marketing Re-Confirmed


Mass email is approaching the big 4-0. The Baby Boomers & Gen-X’ers have lived through the metamorphosis of the email revolution; from the LAN systems in the dorm room (of the Gen X’ers) to today’s always at your fingertips free email services that tie in to EVERY aspect of our lives. Even giving you a popup of a department store email you received earlier that day in your Facebook feed that evening.

Through this evolution, email marketing standards have come and gone. But the most recent expectations, set within the past decade, have held tried and true. “Keep your subject line enticing”, “Make sure the content speaks to your audience”, “Make sure you have the RIGHT audience”, etc. We know this. But the basics seem to fall to the wayside once we go ‘outside of the box’. This article from EmaiLab brings us back to Email 101, but dives deep in to the specifics of how to impact your email campaigns effectiveness.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: emailab.com | Re-post 10/27/2016

Imagine this – yesterday you sent an email to your subscribers about this amazing new thing..!

Now you can’t wait to see the response to that email – your followers must have loved it!

But no…

You take a look at the stats…

And you think to yourself – “the open rate should’ve been better…”

Have you ever felt this way?

Or if you simply want to boost your results with email marketing…

In this post, I’ll share with you almost every imaginable way to increase your open rates.

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