Where email marketing was the only digital avenue to reach consumers 25 years ago, our ‘at your fingertips’ world has given a plethora of new options for consumers to do research. This has led a lot to believe that email marketing is a thing of the past. But not so fast… according to Adobe’s 2nd Annual Consumer Email Survey, time spent on emails has increased 17%. That is being driven by the increase of smartphones and devices. The group that uses devices, even more than one at a time, the most: Millennials.

Millennial buying power is currently estimated at $200 billion, according to Forbes. And as they climb the corporate ladder, they gain decision making power. Forbes goes on to say that decisions are made by reviewing authentic content about a company/ product. Currently, that translates in to blog articles & reviews which are common standards in marketing email campaigns. Knowing these pieces about the now largest single segment of consumers & workforce makes the email findings that much more fascinating and important for organizations to know when creating their email messaging and social media content. ZDNet does a great job summarizing the data and providing dos and dont’s for your email campaign based on the data released earlier this month.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: ZDNet.com | Re-post So-Mark 10/13/16

Our use of email is evolving as we embrace the “always-on” email culture. We are using the communications method in a less formal way.

We live in a world that is becoming skewed to sending texts and emojis from our smartphones. We use smartphones to access our email, to triage, and respond to important communications.

According to the “Adobe Email Survey 2016,” our time on email has in creased by 17 percent year on year. Adobe surveyed over 1,000 white-collar Americans for this year’s survey.

It discovered that Millennials–consumers ages 18 to 34–spend the most time with email of any age group. 90 percent of them rely primarily on their smartphones to access their emails.

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Email Is Not As Dead As You Think

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