Digital Marketing Insights for Start-Ups

The key to getting a strong start when launching a new business is to maximize the return for all of your efforts. At this point in the game, most can translate every minute into a dollar amount. And that dollar amount is the bottom line.

If you are launching a new business, knowing that trial and error will always exist in a rarely static marketing environment can be scary. But just like the runner who is competing on a new track for the first time, there are things that can be done to prepare for the unknown. In the case of your start-up digital marketing efforts, creating a plan is key to being prepared for bumps along the way while still targeting high returns. Here are 5 pillars outlined by that will help you get off the starting line and navigate the new course while you hone in on your stride.

Jim Anthony | Founder So-Mark

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Digital marketing can be a bit of a mystery to many small business owners who already have so much to keep track of. From selling, planning to merchandising – there are simply too many things that are competing for attention. While many would agree that digital marketing could be beneficial for their business, simply knowing where to start can be a daunting task.

The marketing aspect of a start-up is often highly complex – especially with the increasing number of ways that small businesses can reach customers digitally. To help start-ups make the most out of the digital space, here are five tips that will help businesses leverage digital marketing to its full potential.


With the abundance of platforms out there, a common mistake is to initially try and occupy too many channels at the same time. Not only can this conclude with little impact, it can also result in a sub optimal first impression which can’t be shifted. Instead of being overambitious, start-ups should make sure to focus on getting a few things down pat before looking to expand into other channels.

Digital marketing can surely be beneficial and platforms like email, Facebook and LinkedIn can definitely maximise brand exposure and establish company’s presence. But like with all forms of marketing, it is crucial to have the content, planning, and manpower available in order to convert interest into leads.

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