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Have you ever visited a website and after a few minutes of reading the content, you still couldn’t figure out exactly what they do and why you should care? I’m surprised by how often this happens. I guess I notice it more because this is a new area of focus for us. So-Mark has added a new service to our portfolio. We call it the “Brand Message Writing Service.”

The article below from Forbes is an excellent example of some things to be thinking about when writing your brand message. But if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, just let us know!

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: | Re-Post So-Mark 7/5/2018 –

Having worked in-house and on the agency side advising executives on how to best message their companies, I am often struck by the willingness to spend hours belaboring words and phrases without paying similar attention to context. By context, I mean this: How do the words you choose to describe your product, service or brand hold up in the environment in which you’re operating? A beautifully crafted corporate positioning statement is pointless if it doesn’t differentiate you and immediately resonate with your target customers.

Below is my go-to to-do list for developing messaging that sets your company apart.

Do a competitive messaging audit.

If you’re sitting here thinking about your own company’s boilerplate, mission statement or product/service description and you have no clue how it compares to your main competitor’s, then you’ve failed. Step one on the road to compelling, competitive messaging is looking closely at your competition’s messaging and assessing their gaps and flaws, which then dovetail into your opportunities. For example, if your competitor is positioning themselves as a consumer-focused company but you’re both B2B2C, now’s the time to take a critical look at whether your advantage is in messaging primarily for B2B.

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