Content Marketing Tips for Financial Marketers

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Companies looking to raise capital can leverage the same marketing tactics and strategies any organization uses to build their brand, generate leads, and sell products and services. The key is to know what works. (And what doesn’t) Your brand is important. Even young companies looking for investors instead of customers need to build an audience with a clear, compelling message that attracts hot prospects.

Jim Anthony | Founder So-Mark

Source: The Financial Brand | Re-Post So-Mark 1/5/2018

Today content marketing has evolved and expanded far beyond print to include digital articles, videos, infographics, and more. Many financial institutions dip their toes into it, often by posting blogs. However, the results they hope for rarely materialize, however, because the entire effort gets off to an unplanned start.

One reason content marketing continues to grow is because ad blocking continues to increase, according to Tyson. Over 70 million web users in the U.S. block traditional digital ads, and close to 1 billion will be blocking ads internationally within a few years.

Whether or not you use print, the message here “is that if you want attention, you must provide something of value.” That means that content must be informative, not promotional. And that it be well-written or, in the case of video, well-produced.

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