Content marketing (if done well) leads to demand generation.  But, demand generation occurs only after you’ve built familiarity, credibility and trust.  Even if prospects like your ideas, they can always choose to buy from somebody else.  Content marketing is the cornerstone of your strategy to get people to buy from YOU.

Making this happen requires clear intention, careful planning and solid execution.  (uhhhh…  basic, sound business principles)   As Carmen Hill, social media and content strategist at Babcock & Jenkins, puts it, “Whether it’s a targeted campaign or a comprehensive program, you need to plant a strong foundation of content that attracts prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey, seeding awareness and nurturing ongoing interest.”

So how do we define content marketing?  Well, it depends on who you ask.  So, I will define it based on a consolidation of expert opinions and resources.  The definition of content marketing for our purposes is, “Engaging people with valuable information through multiple channels to help them succeed, while improving your brand reputation.”

So, how do you do it?  Here are a few things to think about when building a content marketing strategy. For 6 Best Practices That Work please click here…

You will learn about:

1. Gaining stakeholder support
2. Understanding your audience
3. Identifying the right content formula
4. Creating an editorial calendar
5. Getting max mileage out of your content
6. Creating a process for measurement and reporting

Good luck and good ‘Selling In The New Age’…

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Content Marketing That Works

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