2016 Email Marketing Lessons


Email marketing remains the number one digital marketing strategy for small businesses. But the trends, tools, and best practices are constantly changing. We are here to help you keep up. Here are a few things to keep in mind for 2017.

More people are reading email on mobile devices.
Keep it relevant, contextual and personalized to your audience.
Use video is much as possible.
Keep in mind wearable devices have smaller screens. This is becoming more and more prevalent.

For more in-depth information check out this article from Performance Marketer.

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Emails are one of the greatest tools we have as marketers, but Email Marketing Best Practices are constantly evolving. To stay relevant to our subscribers, we must keep up with new trends and emerging technologies.

Yesterday, on Marketer Mondays, we talked How to Get Your Emails Opened and today we’re digging deeper into email marketing best practices with highlights from the year’s biggest email marketing trends:

1. Mobile Matters

There was a huge shift in email marketing best practices this year when it came to how subscribers read their emails.

To grab your subscribers attention, you must know where to reach them and recent research says that’s on their mobile devices. In fact, 66% of all U.S. emails were opened via mobile in the first quarter of 2016.

Here’s a few ways to make sure your email marketing campaigns are mobile-friendly:

Responsive email templates.

  • Responsive templates respond to the device its read on by adjusting the layout and text size.
  • Keep it short for mobile email marketing – your subscribers usually have a few minutes to skim through their emails and rarely do they reach the end of an email.
  • Subject lines must also now be optimized for mobile-first design. Keep it short – 30 characters or less to get higher open rates.
  • After the subject line, the email preview text is what your subscribers will see next, so make sure you have something compelling at the top of your email!

2. Contextual Emails…

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