9 Steps To Help Your Content Be More Engaging

Here’s the main lesson. It’s super easy to lose your audience within seconds. Think before you post! This article from MarketingProfs shares 9 ideas that will help you make sure your content is engaging to your audience. I know you will find this helpful!

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: marketingprofs.com | Re-Post So-Mark 10/4/2017 – 

We are all after content that converts readers into customers, gets shared, builds backlinks, and ranks high in search results.

Those are goals worth seeking, but there’s one problem: Focusing on the ends can make you neglect the means.

The simple truth is, you cannot achieve any of those results unless your content manages to engage your target audience.

Engagement is the first milestone on the road to more sales, backlinks, or shares. Nothing beats the satisfaction of getting a flurry of comments on your post.

Besides, more than 83 million posts are produced every month on WordPress alone. That’s more than 230 posts in a minute. Your content must tick many boxes to stand out from the crowd.

This article will discuss nine ways to make your content more engaging.

1. Don’t Tick Them Off Even Before They Read a Word

What good is a performance that takes off after the audience has left?

For a delay of a single second, the bounce rate increases 56%. That’s more than half of your visitors. So, before you learn the art of writing engaging content, you must get your site in order.

Here’s how:

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