8 Reasons Small Business Should Leverage Content Marketing

Paid ads on the web are becoming less effective. Ad blockers are becoming the norm. And we’re not just talking about the desktop. Mobile devices have blocker apps now as well. So how do brands get their message out? The answer is: content marketing. Check out this great article from Neil Patel. He does a great job explaining what’s happening in the industry.

Jim Anthony – So-Mark Founder

Source: neilpatel.com Re-Post So-Mark 10/12/2017 –

Paid advertising has long been a reliable tactic for customer acquisition.

As retargeting has exploded, ads have even helped growing businesses retain customers, improve customer lifetime value, and reduce customer churn and cart abandonment.

Unfortunately, paid advertising is becoming less effective.

Nearly 200 million people were using ad blockers in 2015. Today, more than 615 million devices now have ad blockers on them.

Approximately 11% of the global Internet population is blocking ads online.

And it’s not just on desktop — there are even ad blocker apps for the mobile experience.

That might make for a better online experience for customers, but it spells trouble for brands who rely primarily on paid ads to reach current and new customers.

How do you get around the ad block movement?

Content marketing is the answer.

What is content marketing?

When you hear “content marketing,” you’re likely to immediately think about blogs, articles, and maybe social media.

But it’s so much more than that.

The definition of content marketing is more than just the format of content.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that uses content (in a variety of formats) to build a stronger relationship with your audience, capture their attention, improve engagement, and improve brand recall.

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