Orig. Post September 19, 2014 by Chad White, ExactTarget | Re-Post November 4, 2014

num8Marketers are always chasing the shiny, new thing—whether it’s mobile, social, mobile apps, or whatever. And although some thought that these new channels would weaken email, all of these developments and new channels have instead only strengthened email and ingrained in more in our everyday lives.

In an interview with DM News, I talked about some of the many reasons why email is more awesome than ever, including…

1) It doesn’t need to be exclusive. Email can strengthen customers’ relationship with other channels.

2) It’s a people-pleaser. Email is still the preferred channel for commercial messages.

3) It’s becoming more sophisticated. The more marketers invest in making the channel more sophisticated, the more likely they are to accelerate a return.

4) It can provide honest feedback. Email testing provides an opportunity for marketers to determine how subscribers really feel about their messages.

5) It can identify when it’s not wanted. It’s best to determine email volume based on engagement.

6) It’s great for long-term relationships. Focus on lifetime subscriber value, rather than campaign metrics.

7) It doesn’t have time for games. Relationships often fail when people start playing games—and it’s no different with email.

8) It counts its wins and losses. In addition to considering list churn, marketers need to evaluate the productivity of their list.

8 Reasons Email Is the Shiny, Old Thing
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