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It doesn’t matter if you have been engaging in content marketing for years, or if you are just now adding content marketing to your overall strategy. Examining the specific tactics you are employing is something that you should be doing on a regular basis. After all, there are hundreds of actions that you can take that fall under the increasingly wide umbrella of content marketing, but there are only a few things that you absolutely must be doing. As you lay out your marketing strategy for the next year, or the next quarter, take a look at these 7 crucial content marketing tactics.

1. Employing Content Diversification

If you want your content to be robust and to appeal to a wide audience, you will need to diversify. It is no longer enough to publish a text based blog and call it a day. Content diversification is easier than you think. You can begin by incorporating pictures and videos into your blogs. Next, try taking some existing presentations and converting them into Youtube videos. By doing this, you are able to benefit by recycling previously created content and add a new social media outlet to your list of available options. Speaking of content recycling, there are tools available that will allow you to take the content from your blogs and create infographics.

2. Engaging Your Customers by Using Interactive Content

People love to take quizzes and answer polls. They also like to share the results with their friends on social media in order to encourage them to participate, and they like to discuss the results. That’s a content marketing hat trick. You have sharing, engagement, and interaction. All from a simple quiz or poll or that takes a few minutes to create.

3. Treating Social Media as a Primary Focus

You know that you should be using social media to promote content. The question is, are you doing so consistently? Are you sharing content through multiple media channels? Better yet, are you creating content that others will want to share, and have you taken the steps to make your content as easy as possible to share? Finally, are you returning the favor and sharing or commenting on content that you feel is worthwhile? If you aren’t doing these things, you need to revisit a large portion of the social media side of your content marketing strategy. Chances are, this will include increasing the priority of the role of social media in your overall strategy.

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7 Crucial Tactics for Your Content Marketing Strategy

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