6 Content Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Here’s your Friday movie quote from “Liar Liar.”

Kid: “My teacher tells me real beauty is on the inside.”
Jim Carrey: “That’s just something ugly people say.”

Well… hold up there Mr. Carrey. There may actually be some truth to this. We’ve been saying it from the beginning. You don’t need a big budget or team to market your small business effectively. You don’t even need award winning content or high production quality! Heck, you don’t even need to be good looking! So, what do you need? Answer: to be relevant, interesting, and engaging. It’s the “beauty on the inside” that matters with content marketing. Your content has to actually matter to people. It has to help them in some way. Regardless of production quality, writing skill, or glossy, high res images, (outer beauty) your content needs to resonate with your audience. Check out this article from Forbes to learn 6 strategies you may want to steal!

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

Source: forbes.com | Re-Post So-Mark 8/11/2017 – 

Got big dreams but a small budget? You’re not alone. Most small companies are in the same fix. But this doesn’t have to be a deal killer – it just means you need to be smart. You need to think differently than your larger competitors.

Many of the big-splash strategies of the Fortune 500 simply won’t work for you. You don’t have a whole floor of people to throw at this. You don’t have a Pepsi-size budget. But again – you don’t need one.

The good news with content marketing is that it’s one of the most effective types of marketing for smaller budgets. In fact, many content marketing “teams” are just one person. 68% of them are three people or less.

But while you don’t need a big budget, you do need some media skills and a knack for creating engaging content.

It doesn’t even have to be super-slick content.

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