5 Ways Small Business Marketing Schemes Will Waste Your Money

The main focus of every business model, whether phrased this way or not, is to create and keep customers. There are a multitude of ways to do that and each organization is going to have their own model of what works for their group. But sometimes that successful model is broad or antiquated for current needs and can be trimmed to allow for more successful ingredients to be added to the mix, making the outcomes even greater. As we’ve discussed before, marketing is an ever changing landscape that needs to be tested, vetted, and reinvented on a regular basis. Knowing what information your audience is seeking, what they respond to, and even general demographic insights can help one tweak marketing efforts to grow inbound numbers from outbound efforts. Here, Smallbiztrends.com gets our wheels turning on where organizations may have some opportunity to test some different avenues to beef up a new approach or dial down on failing efforts in the current program.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

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Marketing is no easy task. Whole businesses exist devoted to marketing other businesses. Some companies have their own marketing departments. Small businesses often rely on the DIY approach to marketing. When developing your own marketing strategy, take care to avoid wasting your time and money.

Marketing Schemes That Waste Money

Mistake 1: Too Many Social Channels

Judging by some of the marketing advice you’ll come across on the web, you may think you need to be everywhere, all the time.
What a colossal waste.

When it comes to marketing via social networks, the most important thing is for you to be where your target audience is already spending their time. Do your customers spend lots of time on Instagram? Then don’t waste your time Tweeting.
Focus your marketing and engagement efforts on Instagram. This frees up your time to engage directly with your customers even more on their favorite channels. You can find out which social networks your customers prefer by simply asking, or by using a CRM with social media integration built in.

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