3 Ways To Boost The Performance Of Your Content Marketing Program

Chicken Fajitas with extra pico de gallo; my standing order at any Mexican restaurant. It’s safe, (almost) always tasty, and always available. But even safe, comfortable favorites can get old and become not be as exciting as they once were, making the go to dish bland and unmemorable. Exactly what you never want someone to say about your content marketing. But unfortunately, after time, you may start to feel this way. You know the messages being sent meet organizational goals, the information provided is pertinent and timely, social pages are active, and the graphics all look sharp…. but it’s just not enough anymore. The need to experiment with your marketing messages is critical to any and all organizations. Just like your taste buds get bored, your readers may begin to become numb to your messaging and posts because it’s more of the same old, same old. Diversifying your marketing menu will help you continue to grow your audiences and re-engage those who may have tuned you out. Marketing Land introduces us to a few ideas to help drive the content marketing changes your program may need to get to the next level.

Jim Anthony | So-Mark Founder

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Are you ready to take your content marketing program to the next level? Have you seen some program success? You’re driving more traffic, maybe even attracting some links and seeing your KPIs increase. Great! Here are three tips you can implement today to move your content marketing program to the next level.

1. Net new content


Find new content opportunities the competition hasn’t discovered yet. By being a digital sleuth and doing a bit of extra research, you can discover competitive opportunities for your business.

When you’re the first one to address a customer’s needs, you get the better ranking — and a bigger share of the traffic. So, how do you find new opportunities and stand out?

Start searching! There are several tools you can use to help craft a content strategy that will help you beat the competition. Consider using a site like Answer The Public for some of your content research. On this site, you can enter a keyword term, and it will provide you with numerous questions that are related to your search terms to reveal the topics people are asking about online.

You can also look through sites like Quora to find questions that are relevant to your industry and provide answers. When you sign up for Quora, you’ll be asked to select at least 10 topics to create a personalized feed.

Think about your industry and those areas that are both closely related and maybe a step or two away but still applicable. Spend some time, read a few of the questions, and see if you have net new information to contribute to the conversation. You may even find an idea for a question you should answer on your blog or website.

Go to Google and start searching for new opportunities. Google’s predictive search tool is a great way to find new ideas because it provides them as you type your query. Start with a basic query and see where Google takes you.

You’ll be more likely to find long-tail keyword queries this way. While some think long-tail doesn’t drive enough traffic, you’re driving more qualified traffic that’s closer to a purchase decision, and in my book, that’s a good thing. I’d rather see one customer who is ready to buy and does buy than 10 who just browse.

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