Jim Anthony
Born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana, Jim spent over 25 years in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Married to his wife, Malinda, for over 30 years, he has two grown children, James and Anne living in New York and Indianapolis. Jim is leveraging many years of sales and marketing experience and a passion for technology to help companies and funds leverage digital marketing to find investors and raise capital. Jim serves in the Kairos Prison Ministry and is also on the Board of Directors of an Indiana-based water non-profit called Water For Good (WFG) which has drilled and maintains more than 1,500 wells serving over 10% of the population in the Central African Republic – now the poorest country in the world. Jim is a graduate of Butler University, Certified Salesforce Administrator and he is also CompTIA Network+ and Mobility+ certified.
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Kevin McKeown
Sr. Operations Manager
Kevin is a Jack of all trades. Knows the platforms and systems we use to get things done for our clients. Comprehensive experience in client account management, customer retention, and problem-solving. Outstanding customer relationship skills, communication skills and enjoys working with clients to help with their success. With his background in sales, team management, and customer service, he is the one to manage current client accounts to insure customer success.
Scott Meister
Finance Manager
Scott Meister is a Quickbooks expert and trainer. He keeps our books in order and helps small businesses, accountants, bookkeepers, office managers, and business owners with their accounting needs. He has used QuickBooks since 2002 and it has been his main focus, but he's also worked with and trained others in a variety of software packages. Over the years, he came to realize that he really enjoyed teaching; sharing knowledge with others with the hope that they learn and use the valuable information.
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