Specialized Marketing to Find Investors

So-Mark is a specialty marketing service focused on finding investors and identifying your best prospects. We combine experience, knowledge, relationships, technology, and process to promote your opportunities, find investors, and streamline your capital raising process. We leverage the latest technology and tactics concerning email marketing, blogging, and social media sharing and engagement. Then we leverage decades of sales and marketing experience combined with an extensive network of contacts to reach out to the warmest prospects and facilitate introductions.

So-Mark Standard Services Executed on Your Behalf:


For word press websites we can freshen up the look and feel of your website in blog as part of our standard implementation service. For more extensive website development needs, see our optional services below. We can build your website, set up your blog, and set up your social media pages. The goal is to give you a solid online presence that makes you look good, and also establishes you as a thought leader by consistently sharing great content that is relevant and genuinely helpful to your audience.

Consistent Blog Posting

When people visit your website and social media channels they need to see that you are active and consistent. Your reputation and credibility can be significantly impacted by what people see you do online. One of the key factors regarding content is that you are stable, consistent, and only using high-quality information. If people are going to invest significant amounts of money with you, they need to see stability and consistency in this area.

Content Curation

In addition to your original content, we curate high value, interesting content from throughout the web and leverage best practices to effectively share it with your audience via your blog and your social media pages. When people look for you online, they will find an active blog with great content and social media pages that are filled with informative and educational articles posted on a consistent and recent basis.

Email Marketing

We design and send high-value emails on a weekly basis to your database of contacts. These emails are based on the best content identified through analytics and engagement. We post the best content to your blog and then use email marketing to link people back to your website/blog. Tracking code is loaded on your site to track behaviors and provide analytics about your best prospects.

Active Social Media Posting

We will set up your business social media pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We make sure they have a professional look with appropriate background and profile images along with theme settings. We then curate industry-leading social media posts from authoritative sources that reflect the mission of your brand while at the same time offering interesting and valuable content to prospective investors.