The best way to approach an angel investor is through a warm introduction – one through a friend, contact, company or entrepreneur. Investors get a lot of inbound pitches, so it’s hard to qualify what’s a cold lead or not 

Angels do attend pitch days and company-builder or accelerator demo days, but check the quality of the programmes, as well as the types of investors who attend. Determine if they’re a good match for you and vice versa. Angel syndicates such as Cambridge Angels and London Business Angels (now Newable) have special pitch events for their members. 

Online platforms where angels invest in syndicates, such as AngelList and SyndicateRoom, and crowdfunding platforms such as Seedrs and CrowdCube have improved how you raise rounds from groups of angels. I would still recommend meeting some investors face-to-face so that you have a personal relationship where possible.

Finding and Pitching to Angel Investors
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