So What’s So Great About the Queen?

Online marketers are fond of saying “Content is king”. Here at So-Mark, though, we know content is the queen who has the power to make or break any company’s efforts to market its products and services online. The way we see it, you have only to look to the game of chess to understand. Just as the primary driver of chess wins is the queen, content is the primary driver of marketing wins.

So, why, exactly, is the queen more powerful than the king in modern chess? “It looks like the Europeans wanted to speed the game up, so they made a more powerful queen,” posits Tony Ennis of “In chess, the queen has mobility, the crucial barometer of power in the game,” Charli Carpenter adds in

Content is Queen
Content is Queen

Just as in chess, success in online marketing is built in-part on speed and mobility, the ability to “get around” and “touch” people in various “spaces” on the “board”. In a sense, content is the board, the stuff of which blogging, email marketing, social publishing are all made.

We could be accused of a bit of over-fascination with our own metaphor (you know, Content being the Queen), but that’s ok. We’re excited to share winning “game board” tips and tactics centered around content. That’s precisely why we’re launching this original blog series about content marketing.

Content Checkmate!

“A queen can often be used in conjunction with a Knight, Bishop, Rook, or Pawn to create checkmate opportunities,” explains Chess Team. For our So-Mark clients, checkmate opportunities are sales and deals closed. Your content “queen” may be used:

In conjunction with a knight (to create engaging blog material)
In conjunction with a bishop (to publish daily and weekly relevant messages to your social channels)
In conjunction with a rook (to create engaging email material)
In conjunction with a pawn (to collect and curate content specifically relevant to your message)

Chess is a very old game, originating in India, Persia, and the Arab Crescent. In fact, early chess included only male figures. Ancient players could not have imagined that Europeans would give so much power to the queen. Nor, of course, could they have envisioned our modern technology, or even dreamed of all the ways So-Mark is able to leverage that technology to grow marketing databases through opt-in pages, social engagement, email and high quality content.

It’s all based on content, of course, and it’s all part of So-Mark Consulting’s very “queenly” content marketing service!

By Shar of the So-Mark Consulting blog team

Content Is Queen – Real Power
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